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Cluster 3 - Digital and Tech Skills

Select one Practical Masterclass when you apply

  • Web Design & Development
  • E-commerce
  • Coding
  • Business Analytics
  • Drone Piloting
  • MS Office Suite

LISTEN TO THE Event Speakers

Mrs. Rodarling Neequaye

Assistant Registrar, School of Education and Leadership - UG

Dr. Kwame Adom

Senior Lecturer, University of Ghana Business School


Shift your perspective on digital business

How you transform your business as technology, consumer, habits industry dynamic s change? Find out from those leading the charge.

  • Cluster THREE - Digital and Tech Skills

    Web Design & Development

    Website is the first impression  that you make on a potential  customer. Be able to plan and  execute the details of customers  websites so that it connects with  their audience, communicates  their message and elevates the  clients brand all at the same time

  • Cluster THREE - Digital and Tech Skills

    e-Commerce digital marketing!

    Online marketing, promotion of  brands to connect with potential  customers using the internet and  other forms of digital  communication.

    This includes  email, social media, and web-  based advertising, text and  multimedia messages as a  marketing channel

  • Cluster THREE - Digital and Tech Skills


    Communicate with computers.  Code and tells a computer what  actions to take, and write codes  to create a set of instructions.

    Your codes, you will the computer  what to do or how to behave in a  much faster way. Code now  1010101!!!!

  • Cluster THREE - Digital and Tech Skills

    Business Analytics

    Explore technologies for solving  business problems using data  analysis, statistical models and  other quantitative methods.

    You  will learn how to use iterative,  methodical exploration of an  organization's data, with an  emphasis on statistical analysis, to  drive decision-making

  • Cluster THREE - Digital and Tech Skills

    Drone Operation

    Multirotor flying definitely has a  learning curve. Training will help  you prepare for your first flight,  stay safe, get airborne, and learn  some basic and advanced drone  flying techniques. You should be  able to Roll: Pitch: Yaw: & Throttle

  • Cluster THREE - Digital and Tech Skills

    MS Office Suite

    Explore and have a mastery of the  Microsoft Office suite by learning  the set of programs for common  productivity tasks, including a  word processing program, a  spreadsheet tool, presentation  software, and an email program