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Soap, Detergents, Shampoos & Cosmetics

When dissolved in water, possess  the ability to remove dirt from  surfaces such as the human skin,  textiles. Made by combining fats  and oils with a chemical (Sodium  Hydroxide, also known as ‘Caustic  Soda’ or ‘lye’)

Cluster FOUR - Micro Manufacturing

Textile Art, Design & Printing

Create your own t-shirt design like  a pro. Begin with a template from  a library or start your own shirt  design from scratch.

Customize  your design with graphics, text or  your own uploaded images

Cluster FOUR - Micro Manufacturing

Nutraceutical & Aromatic Extracts

Extraction processes in edible oils,  including fish oils and specialty  oils. Mass and heat transfer steps  performed with the aims of  obtaining the crude product,  eliminating undesirable  components present in products,  and pasteurizing or sterilizing it,  so that the final product becomes  appropriate for storage and  human consumption

Cluster FOUR - Micro Manufacturing


Get started on your photographic  journey? Or maybe you want to  freshen up on the basics of  photography, communicate and  document moments in time.

Capture light and images using a  camera.  Create photographic  images using either an analogue  camera or a digital camera

Cluster ONE- Creative Arts

Event Decor

Put the participants /guests/audience in the correct mood and  create a warm and welcoming  atmosphere All the little things  that make up the environment  where your event takes place.

Décor sets the mood and helps  create the right atmosphere for  your guests.

Cluster ONE- Creative Arts

Interior Design

The art of finding the right place  for the right objects with the right  colours and the right kind of  lighting.

It engorges the aesthetic  value of your property. making  interior spaces more attractive  and smart with structure, colour  schemes, furnishings, and  decorations

Cluster ONE- Creative Arts

Pastries and Confectionery

The art of manufacturing sweets  (foods high in sugar and carbs).  Bakers' confections and sugar  confections. Learn and develop a  range of skills and techniques to  produce appealing products from  breads and cake to mouth-  watering desserts

Cluster TWO - Food Business and Agribusiness

Snail- Mushroom -Honey Value Chain development

Essential foods for the organics-  based movement. Vegetarianism,  veganism, plant-based diets, plant  meat and meat substitute diets.

Increasing organics population  demand for protein-rich diets is  the key driver. It is fast yielding  and reliable source of income

Cluster TWO - Food Business and Agribusiness

Food Supply Chain (Food Miles)

Feeding densely populated areas,  with Out-of-season variety,  because regions focus on their  strengths.

Bridge the gap  between producers of food and  those who sell. Learn to gather  products from farmers and food  processors, store them in  warehouses, and then transport  them to retail and wholesale  buyers

Cluster TWO - Food Business and Agribusiness

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