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Cluster THREE - Digital and Tech Skills

Web Design & Development

Website is the first impression  that you make on a potential  customer. Be able to plan and  execute the details of customers  websites so that it connects with  their audience, communicates  their message and elevates the  clients brand all at the same time

Cluster THREE - Digital and Tech Skills

e-Commerce digital marketing!

Online marketing, promotion of  brands to connect with potential  customers using the internet and  other forms of digital  communication.

This includes  email, social media, and web-  based advertising, text and  multimedia messages as a  marketing channel

Cluster THREE - Digital and Tech Skills


Communicate with computers.  Code and tells a computer what  actions to take, and write codes  to create a set of instructions.

Your codes, you will the computer  what to do or how to behave in a  much faster way. Code now  1010101!!!!

Cluster THREE - Digital and Tech Skills

Business Analytics

Explore technologies for solving  business problems using data  analysis, statistical models and  other quantitative methods.

You  will learn how to use iterative,  methodical exploration of an  organization's data, with an  emphasis on statistical analysis, to  drive decision-making

Cluster THREE - Digital and Tech Skills

Drone Operation

Multirotor flying definitely has a  learning curve. Training will help  you prepare for your first flight,  stay safe, get airborne, and learn  some basic and advanced drone  flying techniques. You should be  able to Roll: Pitch: Yaw: & Throttle

Cluster THREE - Digital and Tech Skills

MS Office Suite

Explore and have a mastery of the  Microsoft Office suite by learning  the set of programs for common  productivity tasks, including a  word processing program, a  spreadsheet tool, presentation  software, and an email program

Cluster TWO - Food Business and Agribusiness

Pastries and Confectionery

The art of manufacturing sweets  (foods high in sugar and carbs).  Bakers' confections and sugar  confections. Learn and develop a  range of skills and techniques to  produce appealing products from  breads and cake to mouth-  watering desserts

Cluster TWO - Food Business and Agribusiness

Snail- Mushroom -Honey Value Chain development

Essential foods for the organics-  based movement. Vegetarianism,  veganism, plant-based diets, plant  meat and meat substitute diets.

Increasing organics population  demand for protein-rich diets is  the key driver. It is fast yielding  and reliable source of income

Cluster TWO - Food Business and Agribusiness

Food Supply Chain (Food Miles)

Feeding densely populated areas,  with Out-of-season variety,  because regions focus on their  strengths.

Bridge the gap  between producers of food and  those who sell. Learn to gather  products from farmers and food  processors, store them in  warehouses, and then transport  them to retail and wholesale  buyers

Cluster TWO - Food Business and Agribusiness

Ornamentals, Floral Design and Landscaping

Nursery operations, landscaping,  turf management, and floral  industries. Employing a 'mass'  concept of arranging flowers in an  even symmetry.

Relationship  between ecological function, plant  attractiveness, and floral display

Cluster TWO - Food Business and Agribusiness

Soups, Shito and Sauces Production and Preservation

Stocks, soups and sauces are the  foundation of many types of  cuisines. Learn bespoke soups  and sauces with the right mix of  clean label ingredients including  Ghana's shito and goat pepper  soup

Cluster TWO - Food Business and Agribusiness

Artisanal -Chocolate - Jam -Jelly

Starting your own jelly and jam  business might be the perfect way  to start working from home and  using your creativity to provide  food for others. Change as fruit  comes in season and flavours are  available while supplies last  unless frozen. Make perfect  blends for every type of taste bud

Cluster TWO - Food Business and Agribusiness

Manure, -Coir -Biochar Planting Media

Coir fibre extracted from the outer  husk of coconut and used in  products such as pots,  floor mats,  doormats, brushes and  mattresses.

Biochar is a charcoal-  like substance that's made by  burning/ pyrolysis of organic  material (biomass) from  agricultural and forestry wastes

Cluster ONE- Creative Arts


Get started on your photographic  journey? Or maybe you want to  freshen up on the basics of  photography, communicate and  document moments in time.

Capture light and images using a  camera.  Create photographic  images using either an analogue  camera or a digital camera

Cluster ONE- Creative Arts

Event Decor

Put the participants /guests/audience in the correct mood and  create a warm and welcoming  atmosphere All the little things  that make up the environment  where your event takes place.

Décor sets the mood and helps  create the right atmosphere for  your guests.

Cluster ONE- Creative Arts

Interior Design

The art of finding the right place  for the right objects with the right  colours and the right kind of  lighting.

It engorges the aesthetic  value of your property. making  interior spaces more attractive  and smart with structure, colour  schemes, furnishings, and  decorations

Cluster ONE- Creative Arts

Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Footwear

Production of clothing, textiles,  footwear, leather goods. Provision  of services including dry cleaning  and laundry operations, fashion  and textile design, and clothing  and footwear repairs

Cluster ONE- Creative Arts

Makeup Artist

Cosmetic techniques and  processes to create beauty upon  the human body. Enhances a  person's appearance, bringing out  colour and features and hiding or  smoothing out flaws, using  cosmetic products

Cluster ONE- Creative Arts

Film & Video Editing

Key role in the post-production  process . Manage material such as  camera footage, dialogue, sound  effects, graphics and special  effects to produce a final film or  video product.

Cluster ONE- Creative Arts

Beaded Jewellery

Make decorative balls from stone,  glass, or plastic.  Beaded jewellery  using basic beading techniques of  wire wrapping, bead stringing and  bead weaving.

Cluster ONE- Creative Arts

Customised Paper Bag Making, Packaging

Create  custom printed paper  bags and boxes to bring your  brand to the next level. Make a  well-executed luxury paper bag to  elevate your brand exposure

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