Cluster TWO – Food Business and Agribusiness

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Pastries and Confectionery

The art of manufacturing sweets  (foods high in sugar and carbs).  Bakers' confections and sugar  confections. Learn and develop a  range of skills and techniques to  produce appealing products from  breads and cake to mouth-  watering desserts

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Snail- Mushroom -Honey Value Chain development

Essential foods for the organics-  based movement. Vegetarianism,  veganism, plant-based diets, plant  meat and meat substitute diets.

Increasing organics population  demand for protein-rich diets is  the key driver. It is fast yielding  and reliable source of income

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Food Supply Chain (Food Miles)

Feeding densely populated areas,  with Out-of-season variety,  because regions focus on their  strengths.

Bridge the gap  between producers of food and  those who sell. Learn to gather  products from farmers and food  processors, store them in  warehouses, and then transport  them to retail and wholesale  buyers

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Ornamentals, Floral Design and Landscaping

Nursery operations, landscaping,  turf management, and floral  industries. Employing a 'mass'  concept of arranging flowers in an  even symmetry.

Relationship  between ecological function, plant  attractiveness, and floral display

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Soups, Shito and Sauces Production and Preservation

Stocks, soups and sauces are the  foundation of many types of  cuisines. Learn bespoke soups  and sauces with the right mix of  clean label ingredients including  Ghana's shito and goat pepper  soup

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Artisanal -Chocolate - Jam -Jelly

Starting your own jelly and jam  business might be the perfect way  to start working from home and  using your creativity to provide  food for others. Change as fruit  comes in season and flavours are  available while supplies last  unless frozen. Make perfect  blends for every type of taste bud

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Manure, -Coir -Biochar Planting Media

Coir fibre extracted from the outer  husk of coconut and used in  products such as pots,  floor mats,  doormats, brushes and  mattresses.

Biochar is a charcoal-  like substance that's made by  burning/ pyrolysis of organic  material (biomass) from  agricultural and forestry wastes