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Why Skill-UP Boot Camp?

Young people continue to be the hardest hit by the job crisis. There are multiple and complex causes behind youth unemployability. Young people often have little or no labour market experience, and frequently lack relevant skills. The challenge of quality and relevance of the skill acquired in formal education can be harnessed by the SRC-UG through the Skill-UP Boot Camp as an added specialised experiential learning during the students stay on UG campus. 

Skills Training Clusters

Creative Arts


Digital and Tech Skills


Food Business and Agribusiness


Micro Manufacturing


ABOUT THE Lead Project Organiser

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) is the umbrella body of all undergraduate students at the University of Ghana, Legon. The SRC as the official mouthpiece of the entire student body advocates for the interests of students and fosters their welfare as well. The SRC communicates the interests of students to authorities and represents the student populace on the university council and other boards. Also, it coordinates the activities of academic, cultural, religious, political and recreational clubs and societies.

The SRC also fosters good relations between students of the University and the outside world by coordinating with other student organizations in Ghana and elsewhere in matters of mutual interest. In recent times, the SRC has assumed more prominently the added role of being development partners of the university and the Ghanaian society at large.

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SKILL UP FOR JOBS BOOTCAMP Key Practical Masterclass

ABOUT THE Lead Implementation Partner

Global Entrepreneurship Network – Ghana (GEN-Ghana) is an entrepreneurship and innovation advancement organization that provides and promotes a platform of local I international programmes and activities aimed at making it easier for anyone to start

and scale a sustainable business. We work by fostering deeper cross border collaboration and initiatives between entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and entrepreneurial support organizations. We work with government, corporations, NGO’s, development agencies to fuel healthier start and scale ecosystems that create more jobs,

Wealth, educate individuals, accelerate innovations for sustainable social and economic impact.

GEN-Ghana is a company limited by guarantee under the laws of Ghana, registered in March 2010. We are a member of Global Entrepreneurship Network which operates in over 160 countries independently, working to build one entrepreneurial ecosystem around the world.