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Brand Packaging | Gift Wrapping

Steps to be followed to  successfully complete an export  transaction and ship your good.  screening buyers against the  various denied and restricted  party lists. Providing a Proforma  Invoice. Prepare Goods and  Shipping Documents

Textile Art, Design & Printing

Create your own t-shirt design like  a pro. Begin with a template from  a library or start your own shirt  design from scratch. Customize  your design with graphics, text or  your own uploaded images

Soap | Cosmetics

When dissolved in water, possess  the ability to remove dirt from  surfaces such as the human skin,  textiles. Made by combining fats  and oils with a chemical (Sodium  Hydroxide, also known as ‘Caustic  Soda’ or ‘lye’)

MS Office Suite

Explore and have a mastery of the  Microsoft Office suite by learning  the set of programs for common  productivity tasks, including a  word processing program, a  spreadsheet tool, presentation  software, and an email program