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Concrete Blocks & Cement works

Cement is the ingredient used to  make concrete plus other  materials, such as sand, gravel,  and stone, Cement has been used  to build everything from the Great  Wall of China to the Roman  Colosseum. Concrete blocks are  an alternative construction  material to brickwork

Packaging, Shipping and Export

Steps to be followed to  successfully complete an export  transaction and ship your good.  screening buyers against the  various denied and restricted  party lists. Providing a Proforma  Invoice. Prepare Goods and  Shipping Documents

Micro-brewing, Liquor and Winery

Learn to break the starch in grains  into a sugary liquid, called wort,  and fermenting. Changing grapes  to wine, grain to beer, and wine  and beer to distilled spirits

Nutraceutical & Aromatic Extracts

Extraction processes in edible oils,  including fish oils and specialty  oils. Mass and heat transfer steps  performed with the aims of  obtaining the crude product,  eliminating undesirable  components present in products,  and pasteurizing or sterilizing it,  so that the final product becomes  appropriate for storage and  human consumption

Textile Art, Design & Printing

Create your own t-shirt design like  a pro. Begin with a template from  a library or start your own shirt  design from scratch. Customize  your design with graphics, text or  your own uploaded images

Soap, Detergents, Shampoos & Cosmetics

When dissolved in water, possess  the ability to remove dirt from  surfaces such as the human skin,  textiles. Made by combining fats  and oils with a chemical (Sodium  Hydroxide, also known as ‘Caustic  Soda’ or ‘lye’)